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Our officers are here to assist you with matters related to the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Our officers can assist you with various tasks, such as membership inquiries, event information, historical research, communication needs, and financial/administrative matters.

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Meet Our Officers

Our officers are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any assistance you need.

Michael Hurley
Michael HurleyCommander
Shelby Little
Shelby LittleLt Commander
Jim Cox
Jim Cox2nd Lt Commander
Cody Crislip
Cody Crislip3rd Lt Commander
Adjutant & 1st Lt. Commander of the Alamo City Guards Camp #1325.
Allen Hearrean
Allen HearreanChief of Staff
Richard Smoot
Richard SmootAdjutant
Rob Jones
Rob JonesJudge Advocate
Shelby Little
Shelby LittlePublic Relations
James Bozeman
James BozemanChaplain
Dustin Seiler
Dustin SeilerColor Sergeant
Tommy Holmes
Tommy HolmesInspector General
Christian Lee
Christian LeeParlimentarian
William 'Bill' Elliot
William 'Bill' ElliotGuardian Program
Bob Hazelwood
Bob HazelwoodGenealogist
Christian Lee
Christian LeeNewsletter Editor
Bill Elliott
Bill ElliottAwards Committee
D.W. Davis
D.W. DavisSergeant at Arms
Calvin Allen
Calvin AllenMounted Color Guard
James Bozeman
James BozemanReunion Committee
William 'Bill' Elliot
William 'Bill' ElliotEducation Committee
John McCammon
John McCammonPast Commander
Charles Oliver
Charles OliverPast Commander
David McMahon
David McMahonPast Commander

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