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The **Texas Division Guardian Program** is a special initiative established to honor the memory of Confederate ancestors and safeguard their final resting places. Here are the key details about the program:

1. **Purpose**:
– The program aims to **preserve** and **protect** the graves of Confederate veterans.
– It serves as a way to **honor** the memory of these ancestors.

2. **Eligibility**:
– Any **Texas Division camp member** in good standing can participate.
– Eligible participants must:
– Be at least **fourteen years old**.
– Have tended a **Confederate soldier’s grave** for at least **two years** prior.

3. **Duties and Responsibilities**:
– **Full Guardians** are responsible for:
– Caring for and maintaining the grave site year-round.
– Ensuring the grave has an appropriate marker (e.g., family stone, government-issued veteran’s stone, Southern Cross of Honor).
– Personally visiting the grave at least **three times a year**, including Confederate Memorial Day, to place a wreath or small Confederate flag.
– Replacing or repairing damaged markers.
– Guardians must perform these duties unless prevented by health issues.

4. **Application Process**:
– Individuals interested in becoming a Guardian must:
– Complete the **Guardian Application form**.
– Submit the application to the **Chairman of the Guardian Review Committee**.
– Include a **map** showing the grave’s location and **photographs** of the grave and marker.
– Pay a **non-refundable application fee** of **$10.00** for the Guardian pin and certificate.
– Additional applications for multi-guardian status incur a fee of **$3.00** each.

5. **Review and Approval**:- The **Guardian Review Committee** reviews and approves applications.
– The committee includes a Chairman, representatives from each brigade, and Full Guardians.
– If approved, the applicant becomes a **”Guardian Pro Tem”** (candidate) and serves for two years (less any prior service as a Guardian Pro Tem).

William ‘Bill’ Elliot
William ‘Bill’ ElliotChairman
Mike Walker
Mike WalkerCommittee Member
Hank Van Slyke
Hank Van SlykeCommittee Member
Larry Joe Reynolds
Larry Joe ReynoldsCommittee Member
Barry Turnage
Barry TurnageCommittee Member

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