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Computing Relationships

Have you ever heard someone refer to their 3rd Cousin, 3 times removed, and all you can do is scratch your head?
This easy chart is a good way to compute exact relationships to any ancestor.
Note: Computation of exact cousin relationships is not necessary for membership in the SCV, but we offer this chart as a service for genealogists.


  1. Determine the nearest common ancestor for you and relative in question.
  2. In the top row, locate your position from the Common ancestor (in number of generations).
  3. In the left column, locate the position of the relative in question from the common ancestor (also in number of generations).
  4. Your relationship to the ancestor in question is determined by the intersecting square of your column and the relative's row.

Brother = Brother or Sister
G-Son=Grandson or Granddaughter
Nephew = Nephew or Niece
G-Nephew = Grand Nephew or Niece
R=Removed (Generations removed)


 Common AncestorSonG-SonGG-Son2G G-Son3G G-Son4G G-Son5G-GSon6G-GSon
1SonBrotherNephewG-NephewGG-Nephew2G G-Nephew3G G-Nephew4G G-Nephew5G G-Nephew
2G-SonNephew1st Cousin1st Cousin 1R1st Cousin 2R1st Cousin 3R1st Cousin 4R1st Cousin 5R1st Cousin 6R
3GG-SonG-Nephew1st Cousin 1R2nd Cousin2nd Cousin 1R2nd Cousin 2R2nd Cousin 3R2nd Cousin 4R2nd Cousin 5R
42G G-SonGG-Nephew1st Cousin 2R2nd Cousin 1R3rd Cousin3rd Cousin 1R3rd Cousin 2R3rd Cousin 3R3rd Cousin 4R
53G G-Son2G G-Nephew1st Cousin 3R2nd Cousin 2R3rd Cousin 1R4th Cousin4th Cousin 1R4th Cousin 2R4th Cousin  3R
64G G-Son3G G-Nephew1st Cousin 4R2nd Cousin 3R3rd Cousin 2R4th Cousin 1R5th Cousin5th Cousin  1R5th Cousin  2R
75G G-Son4G G-Nephew1st Cousin2nd Cousin3rd Cousin 3R4th Cousin 5th Cousin6th Cousin6th Cousin 1R
86G G-Son5G G-Nephew1st Cousin 6R2nd Cousin 5R3rd Cousin 4R4th Cousin 3R5th Cousin 2R6th Cousin 1R7th Cousin