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What are the requirements to form a local chapter?

To form a local chapter, called a camp, you need yourself a few like-minded friends. It takes 7 members to be eligible for a charter. Local members can also be informed of a membership drive via press releases to local newspapers and other media outlets. How much does membership cost?

Dues are assessed annually, and vary from camp to camp. At a minimum, dues are $20.00 per year to the International Organization, and $5.00 per year to the Texas Division. Most chapters have some local dues in addition to cover costs of mailing, newsletters, and other expenses. Your camp will be able to decide for themselves what your dues will be, so long as they are sufficient to cover the required expenses.

In addition to annual dues, there are two other one-time expenses: There is a one-time new member application fee of $5.00. There is a one-time charter application fee for a new camp of $20.00.

What must be accomplished before a charter can be granted?
Once a group of prospective members has formed, several things must be accomplished prior to applying for a charter, but these things can be accomplished often in one meeting, thought sometimes it takes longer.

1. Your camp must elect four officers: A Camp Commander, Lt. Commander, Adjutant (a secretary-treasurer), and a Chaplain. These are required to be filled in order for a charter to be granted.

2. You must decide on a name for the camp. New camps are often named for a prominent local Confederate veteran, an ancestor of one of the camp members, or a famous Confederate leader. Often, a long-dormant camp is reactivated. You can find out if the SCV has ever been active in your community by checking our roster of inactive camps. If the SCV has had a camp in your community before, you can apply for the old camp number. You have the option to keep the name or change to a new one.

3. You must approve a set of camp by-laws & a Constitution. Officers from your local camps, brigades, or the Texas Division can provide you assistance with this task. A blank generic camp constitution can be downloaded from this link Generic Camp Constitution.

4. You must sign a charter application form, and submit the required funds (charter application fee, and any new member dues) to the Texas Division Adjutant to begin the approval process.

Will I receive any assistance with this camp organization?
Typically, when a camp organization gets underway, SCV members from nearby camps, local Brigade officers, and even Division officers will be available to provide any assistance needed. You can rest assured that if you need any assistance, there will be someone there to provide it.

If you would be interested in learning more about starting a new SCV Camp in Texas, or would like to return the SCV to your local community, contact any of the Officers for the relevant Brigade. They will put you in contact with SCV officers in your area to assist you in organizing a camp.