Santos Benavides Heritage Award

Purpose: The Santos Benavides Heritage Award is a Texas Division award to be presented to high school students in recognition of exceptional character and scholastic achievement, as well to as recognize the contribution of Tejanos to the Confederate cause.
Colonel Santos Benavides, commander of the 33rd Texas Cavalry Regiment, was the highest ranked soldier of the 12,800 Tejanos who served in the Confederate Army. His ancestors founded the city of Laredo and his troops protected the cotton trade through Mexico to support the war effort. In March 1864, although gravely ill, he and thirty of his soldiers defeated a Union force of over 300 who attempted to capture and burn Laredo. He was a brave soldier and a proud champion of local, non-centralized government, a longtime business and government leader, and a hero to working people of all races.

Number of Awards: One annual award per high school, but a Camp may present the award at more than one school in their area.

Eligibility: A high school student nominated by his or her teacher or student advisor. The student should have exceptional character and citizenship, as well as distinguished scholastic achievement in history, geography and social studies. Although the award recognizes the contribution of Tejanos to the Confederate cause, the recipient does not have to be Hispanic.

Selection Process:
• Contact the award “Point of Contact” to verify that the school you wish to honor hasn’t already been selected by another Camp.
• Contact the applicable school administrator and tell them that our organization would like to present the award to the student of their choice.
• Give the administrator a copy of the selection criteria for their review. Ask that they allow at least five weeks from time of nomination to the award presentation date, to allow ample time to create and mail the award.
• Nominations shall include the recipient’s Name (as it is to appear on the certificate), High School (school name and city) of the student to be honored, Date of the presentation, and name and return address of the presenter. • Forward the award nomination information and fee to the awards POC at least five weeks prior to the presentation ceremony.
• When the presenter receives the certificate, it should be reviewed by the nominating advisor for completeness and accuracy, allowing enough time for any needed corrections.

Form of Award: The award consists of a certificate and medal.

POC and Cost of Award: POC: Texas Division Student Awards Coordinator.
There is a $15.00 cost for the award to cover costs of the medal, the certificate and mailing; costs will be borne by the presenting Camp.

Presentation: The award should be presented in an appropriate ceremony by the nominating SCV Camp Commander or a Brigade officer.