SCV Genealogist

In order to assist descendants of Confederate Veterans in locating vital information about their family's heritage, the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is pleased to offer the services of the SCV Genealogical Network. These genealogists may charge a minimal fee for their services, subject to individual arrangement, to search the records of their state. You must provide the name and, if possible, other information such as county of residence, age, etc. In other words, provide as much information as possible to help identify the soldier. The genealogist is not required to copy records, but will provide a brief synopsis of the military records and the address where the copies of the original can be obtained. Again, the nature of the services and fees charged, if any, are based on individual arrangements. The Texas Division does not have control over any such arrangements.

Henry Hanson

Or contact SCV National Headquarters Membership Services for assistance.