Member Activities & Photos
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June 19, 2020

6th Brigade officers left to right. Lt. Commander John M, 2nd Lt. George F and Commander Shelby L at Gonzales, Texas.
Protecting the moment along with Texas Freedom Force and Open Carry Texas.

May 30, 2020

Gano camp 2292 of Grapevine member Kyle S (in blue shirt)and Belo Camp 49 of Dallas associate member and Louisiana Division
member Stan H (in black shirt) visit the Dallas Robert E. Lee Monument down in the Big Bend area. Lee still rides high and proud in Texas

May 21, 2020
34th Texas Cavalry Camp #2283 Palo Pinto County, Texas

Aaron G (pictured on the right) was sworn in as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Thursday night May 21st. Conducting the swearing-in ceremony was Camp Commander Randall E.

May 12, 2020

Judge Roy Bean Camp Swearing in new compatriots. Picture on left: From Left, Arlie S, First Lt. Commander, Evans T,
2nd Lt. Commander, Terry K and Bob H, Adjutant. Picture on right: Bob H, Adjutant, Ernest W, Ron A, Commander.

February 22, 2020

The 3rd Brigade of the Texas Division hosted a Training Seminar on Saturday the 22nd. Appreciation goes to the organizers and instructors:
(l-to-r) Allen H, Kyle S Festus A, John M, Lt Commander Craig S, Frank B, and Barry T.

February 18, 2020

Texas Division Lt Commander and Camp.Commander Craig S presents award to Sheila R after she gave a great presentation on "Jim Crow laws & Freedom Rider Marry Curtis Lee"
at the Unreconstructed Brigadier General Richard M. Gano Camp 2292 at Chill Bar&Grill in Grapevine, TX.

February 8, 2020

Newly rectified Hood's Texas Camp 153 Light Artillery Crew, Left to Right: Camp Adjutant Rodney S,
Artillery Sergeant Major Bill M, Camp Historian Darryel P, and 2ndvLt. Commander Dustin S. At Fort Concho in San Angelo

January 26, 2020

Texas Division 6th Brigade 2 Lt. Commander and Hood's Texas Brigade Camp 153 Commander George F.
Visiting the Jefferson Davis Monument in Brownsville, Texas

January 19, 2020
Hood's Texas Brigade Camp 153 San Antonio, Texas. Flagged the Confederate Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas in Honor of Confederate Veterans Day and Robert E. Lee Birthday.

Photo 1 - The flagging crew Left to Right; Color Sergeant Robert 'Bobby" M, Lt. Commander George D "Bubba" C, Adjutant Rodney S, and 2nd Lt. Commander Dustin S.
Photo 2 - Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Texas after the flagging crew finished flagging.

January 18, 2020
Harlingen, Texas at the Old City Cemetery
Hood's Texas Brigade Camp 153 with Lone Star Grey's Camp 1953. Join the Rip Ford Camp 2216 Harli in Brownsville, Texas for a Memorial Service for the Confederate Soldiers laid to rest there.

Photo 1- Trans-Mississippi Old Guard Rifle squad from Hood's Texas Brigades Camp 153 with members of the Rip Ford Camp 2216 along with members of the Cub Scout Pack 911 San Benito
Photo 2 - Left to Right; 2nd Lt. Commander Fred M Camp 2216, Lt. Commander Camp 2216, Tara P Director of the Brownsville Historical Commission,
Commander Camp 2216 Dan, Texas Division 6th Brigade 2nd Lt. Commander and Hood's Texas Brigade Camp 153 Commander George F, Texas Division Lt. Commander
and Lone Star Grey's Camp 1953 Commander John M.
Photo 3 - Rifle squad from Hood's Texas Brigades Camp 153 Trans-Mississippi Old Guard. along
with members of the Rip Ford Camp 2216 along with members of Boy Scout Troop 189 Brownsville, Texas.
Photo 4 - JROTC Cadet from Hanna High School playing Taps.

January 09, 2020
2020 Camp officers of Hood's Texas Brigade, Camp #153 - San Antonio, TX.

From L to R: Commander - George F,  Beck S 1st Lt. Commander - George "Bubba" C 2nd Lt. Commander - Dustin S 3rd Lt. Commander
Richard Neely C - Mike R Color Sergeant - Bobby M Adjutant - Rodney S Historian - Darryl P Sworn in by by 6th Brigade Lt. Commander, John M.