Dispatches From HQ


MRS Renewal System Statements
Adjutants and Commanders,

The Membership renewal notices will be sent to the members in July, through the United States Postal Service.

The MRS System is a system whereby members of the Texas Division are sent a notice of renewal that outlines what the member owes for the coming year in dues. The notice includes National dues, Division dues, Camp dues and additional donations to which he may wish to donate to in one or more or all of 6 categories. The notices are sent direct to the members at their current address of record and the member will receive the notice in the mail.

The notices will be mailed out by the end of June and should be in the members mailbox by the first week in July.

The member should make payment of his dues direct to the Camp Adjutant listed on his dues renewal notice as his Camp Adjutant (or Commander in some instances). The Camp Adjutant (or Commander) will consolidate the dues payments periodically when enough are received and then send the dues payments for National dues into National Headquarters for the National portion of dues and send payments of the Texas Division dues into the Texas Division Adjutant for the Texas Division portion of dues. Each camp will, of course, keep the Camp dues portion of the dues payments for the Camp treasury if the Camp charges camp dues. In addition, the Camp Adjutant should keep a record of the additional donations given under the 6 categories of additional giving reflected on the dues notice and at some point in time when the Adjutant submits dues payment he should also submit the payment of the donations made by the members into the Texas Division along with the submittal of dues to the Texas Division Adjutant. The donations DO NOT go to National Headquarters. The donations are a Texas Division project.

I will be sending each Camp a notice of their Camp’s MRS Run Roster that will reflect the amount of dues owed by the member. This can be used for recording dues payments from your members should you so desire. Some of the newer members may not be reflected on the roster as they may not have been posted or processed at the time the MRS run was being processed.

I realize that this may be old information for many of you but we do have several new Camps and Adjutants who have never been through the process and they may need this information for guidance.

If any of you need help or have more questions regarding the MRS renewals or how to process them just give me a call and we can discuss it and I will be happy to assist you through this and give you more information on how best to do this.

Best regards,
Texas Division Adjutant
Sons of Confederate Veterans


Camp Dues Submittables

Camp Dues Should be Submitted to the following:

Sons of Confederate Veterans
P. O. Box 59 Columbia, TN 38402-0059

Or Contact Division Adjutant
Allen Hearrean

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